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New Wix Blog from the CEO & Co-Founder of Wix Avishai Abrahami

To our users, my thoughts on AI: past, present and future

Wix and AI go way back to 2016, when we launched Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI), our first AI website generator. Since then, we've continued advancing our offerings to enable you to grow your business and succeed, leveraging the many opportunities AI brings.

We’re turning the corner on something amazing, and we’re only at the beginning of how AI will transform Wix and the website-building experience. There are a lot of fantastic things you should expect to see released in the next year.

Today, I'd like to highlight a suite of AI-powered capabilities that are already integrated into the Wix platform, many of which you probably already use. I also want to give you a glimpse into upcoming releases that will be available to you soon. Let's dig in.

Available now:

Coming soon:

If you want to create a new website and you need content for all of the pages, including inner pages, you can use ChatGPT with our AI Template Text Creator.

You provide a brief description of the website you want to create, and ChatGPT will create the text and content for the entire site. The tool will even make sure the text and the design are working well together.

Now that you know you can use ChatGPT within the Wix Editor, I’m really excited to tell you that, with the power of modern AI, you can use it not only for text but also to enhance your designs.

The first design tool I want to share seamlessly helps you change your sections layout. The Alternative Layouts tool gives you the ability to redesign parts of your website in a single click.

High-quality images are an essential part of what makes a website look professional. Our suite of AI-powered image editing tools is designed to help you improve the visually significant attributes of your images.

With the AI Image Creator, simply describe the image you want and a unique image will be generated for you.

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